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Helping children live the dreams they imagine.


Imagining a better world for them out there starts with building a better one in here.

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I Am What's Possible

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Campaign for MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital achieved “lift-off” with new hospital’s groundbreaking ceremony, held in downtown Charleston on August 12.  Our friend Abigail Lee, pictured here, was among the more than 500 patients, state and local leaders, volunteers and other supporters who turned out to help celebrate the occasion.

This is a place where miracles will continue to happen

Abby at Groundbreaking

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Caring is all he's known

For as long as Benjamin can remember, he wanted to care for others. As a child, he spent countless hours in nature taking care of wounded birds and squirrels, healing them, treating them and releasing them back into the wild. Whether it was his love for animals or just a basic concern for others’ wellbeing, young Benjamin believed his calling was to be a veterinarian. That was, however, until he found himself in the middle of his own medical emergency.

My Story


Building What's Possible

We’ve learned a lot about caring for children over the last 28 years. Kids heal better when they have the most talented doctors and caregivers, working in the most advanced environment possible. But we’ve also learned that children heal better when they feel safe, happy and secure, surrounded by the people who love them.

Our new children’s hospital is being built from the ground up with exactly these things in mind.

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Our Supporters

  • Shawn Jenkins
    Shawn Jenkins

    The MUSC Family celebrates the naming of the new children's hospital in honor of Mr. Shawn Jenkins, founder and CEO of Benefitfocus, a Charleston-based human-resources software firm.

  • Beth & Darius Rucker
    Beth & Darius Rucker

    Campaign Co-Chairs: Please join us in this campaign, because together we will build and together we will make this a reality. It will take every single one of us to help, and no gift will be too big or too small.

  • South Carolina State Leadership
    State Leadership

    The S.C. House of Representatives has approved $25 million in its budget for a new MUSC Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion.

  • You
    You are Changing What's Possible

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