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I Am What's Possible

We gave her a new heart, and she stole ours.

Morgan Porter’s parents thought their 2-year-old had a stomach virus. They took Morgan to see her pediatrician in Beaufort, who recognized that there was a bigger problem. He recommended that the family head up to MUSC.

I had to get a new heart, because my heart was sick.

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Hunter's Story

Hunter Taylor came into the world deaf, with one working kidney, half a beating heart, a missing thymus gland, and bladder and spine defects. But today, thanks to advances in medicine and our gifted caregivers here at MUSC Children’s Hospital, he is a happy and active 6-year-old

Hunter Taylor is, by any definition, a living miracle.

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I’m just going to have to keep on being myself and brightening people’s days

Because of sickle cell anemia, Zion Thomas has spent only four of his 14 Christmases outside of the hospital. He has no working spleen, no gall bladder. He lives with chronic, crippling pain. But Zion refuses to let the genetic blood disorder shake his spirit. He models, acts, dances – and he recently spoke on Capitol Hill to advocate in front of federal lawmakers for sickle cell awareness. Given with what Zion has survived and what he knows he will deal with his entire life, Washington was no big deal.

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