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I Am What's Possible


Lucas wants to be just like his counselor when he grows up: a firefighter. 

Lucas was making chocolate milk one day in 2013, when the stool slid from under him, and he caught a pot of boiling water on the way down. Only 6 years old at the time, he suffered third-degree burns on his arm and shoulder and second-degree burns on his face....Read My Story

We gave her a new heart, and she stole ours.

Morgan Porter’s parents thought their 2-year-old had a stomach virus. They took Morgan to see her pediatrician in Beaufort, who recognized that there was a bigger problem. He recommended that the family head up to MUSC.

I had to get a new heart, because my heart was sick.

Morgan's Story...Read My Story

Hunter's Story

Hunter Taylor came into the world deaf, with one working kidney, half a beating heart, a missing thymus gland, and bladder and spine defects. But today, thanks to advances in medicine and our gifted caregivers here at MUSC Children’s Hospital, he is a happy and active 6-year-old

Hunter Taylor is, by any definition, a living miracle.

Hunter's Story...Read My Story

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