MUSC Children's Hospital patient Abby

Abigail Lee became famous around MUSC when her dad strung Christmas lights spelling out ABBY from her hospital room overlooking Ashley Avenue in 2014.

Six rounds of chemo can’t stop Abigail Lee’s smile.

Abbigail's Story

MUSC patient abby

Abigail Lee turned 4 years old in her hospital room during a round of chemotherapy. But Abby, born with mosaic Down syndrome and a condition in which parts of her heart failed to develop completely, knows what it means to fight for her life. Before she can receive her third open heart surgery, she must beat acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. She wouldn’t let a little change of venue ruin her birthday fun. Her parents threw her a hospital-themed party, complete with "blood punch" and nurse hats for all the guests.

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Sports fan Abby
MUSC patient Abby with Disney Princess in the hospital
MUSC patient Abby playing doctor in the atrium