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I Am What's Possible

Making the most of the wait: 3-year-old boy in need of heart transplant charms MUSC staff

Mother and son play in the historic snowfall outside of MUSC Children's Hospital

I can’t picture going home and leaving him

EJ Wright dressed up as a pirate, strapped a medical mask over his face and took the elevator down one floor to join other young patients for treats this Halloween. Months later his mother potty trained him in his hospital room because – for now –  the MUSC Children’s Hospital is home, and it was time. And when historic snow blanketed Charleston in January and paused time for a few days, doctors gave EJ clearance to take a brief break from his nonstop infusions so that he could go outside...Read My Story

Kamryn's Story

I want to walk, run, gallop, skip, jump

- Kamryn...Read My Story

Rachel battled cancer four times at the MUSC Children’s Hospital

“I still live every day like it could be the last, you learn not to stress about the small stuff. Little things don’t upset me.”

Rachel’s first cancer diagnosis came when she was only 10 years old. Her parents took her to see a pediatrician after her knee hurt during gymnastics training. For the next two years, she spent 159 nights in the hospital undergoing treatment for osteosarcoma, a solid tumor bone cancer...Read My Story

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