Caring is all he’s known

For as long as Benjamin can remember, he wanted to care for others. As a child, he spent countless hours in nature taking care of wounded birds and squirrels, healing them, treating them and releasing them back into the wild. Whether it was his love for animals or just a basic concern for others’ wellbeing, young Benjamin believed his calling was to be a veterinarian. That was, however, until he found himself in the middle of his own medical emergency.

Being a patient leads to nursing

At 14, Benjamin was like any teen, exploring the world around him. But while climbing a tree, something he did often, he tripped and instinctively reached out to catch himself from falling – grabbing a power line instead of a branch. The electrocution and burns he suffered as a result landed him in the hospital for three weeks. During his treatment, Benjamin underwent several surgeries that included skin grafts and, ultimately, the amputation of a finger. Although he lost a finger, it was through his experience in a pediatric hospital with a caring staff that Benjamin found his true calling as a nurse.

I knew then that I needed to be a nurse. I wanted to impart that care, that love, and that nurturing onto other children so they too could grow up and live happy, full lives.

 Today, as a nurse at MUSC Children’s Hospital, Benjamin sees his role as a partner with the parents of those he treats. According to Benjamin, the long-term plan of care is family centered. Whoever is there for that child, Benjamin involves them in every decision for the child’s care.

Benjamin still loves to get out into nature. Yet he will be the first to tell you that he is in the people business and that you have to be able to handle what is thrown at you every day. Benjamin thrives on human interaction and believes it’s the key element to how he helps children look toward a better tomorrow.

What’s amazing about healthcare in general, and children’s healthcare specifically, is that we’re building someone’s future and giving them the chance to be what they want to be when they grow up.