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Imagine what’s possible

Hunter Taylor came into the world deaf, with one working kidney, half a beating heart, a missing thymus gland, and bladder and spine defects.

There was a time when recovery for Hunter would have been almost unimaginable. But today, thanks to advances in medicine and our gifted caregivers here at MUSC Children’s Hospital, he is a happy and active 6-year-old who loves art, music and playing with his 240-pound dog, Sheldon.

Hunter Taylor is, by any definition, a living miracle.

Beyond that, his recovery also stands as a powerful reminder that, when you put the right people in the right place, anything is possible.

A new world of possibilities

That’s the lesson we keep in mind today, as we begin building the new MUSC Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion. We invite you to join us in making this new hospital a reality. By taking part, you can open the door to a new world of possibilities for future generations of children like Hunter.

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