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S.C. House takes a big step forward in funding new hospital

The S.C. House of Representatives has approved $25 million in its budget for a new MUSC Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion. 

The House Ways and Means Committee had earlier recommended borrowing $50 million for the project as part of a $500 million bond bill. However, when the bond bill failed to pass the full House, lawmakers submitted the smaller funding request in a separate capital reserve bill (H3702), which passed. 

The new hospital was listed as the top number one priority in the capital reserve bill, meaning that it will be the first of the 35 submitted projects to be funded if the bill passes. The measure now will be considered by the state Senate.

MUSC President David Cole, M.D., said the funds outlined in the capital reserve bill would allow MUSC to move forward with a critical project.

“Our state legislators want pediatric health care to be the best it can be for South Carolina’s children. We are thrilled and thankful that they have recognized the value MUSC brings to pediatric care for patients throughout the state. We remain committed to our part of this public-private partnership by raising at least $50 million of the $350 million needed to build and support the new Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion.”

The $25 million in state funding would greatly boost fundraising efforts for the $350 million Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion, which is expected to open in 2019 on Courtenay Drive. The new hospital will replace the 28-year-old Children’s Hospital currently located on Ashley Avenue, providing space for more patients, expanded services and more spacious, family-centered amenities.


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