As the only pediatric burn referral center in the state, we care for hundreds of children like Lucas each year in our hospital, emergency department and outpatient locations. We treat all burns, ranging from minor to severe.

In keeping with the hospital’s focus on family-centered care, we have staffed and trained our burn team to meet the full spectrum of physical and emotional needs – not just the child’s, but also those of his or her entire family. The team includes:

  • Critical care specialists
  • Emergency medicine doctors
  • Burn nurse specialists
  • A pharmacist
  • A nutritionist
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Child Life therapists
  • Social workers

Currently, the MUSC Children’s Health Burn Center treats more than 300 children each year, and the pediatric burn team has implemented the use of telemedicine to successfully improve Emergency Department-based burn treatment and triage by using telecommunications technology to place burn personnel at patients’ bedsides in communities throughout the state.

This approach has allowed us to provide these patients with both rapid and ongoing care while decreasing the need for emergency transport from outlying hospitals to MUSC.

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