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CMN Hospitals Champion Riley Klim

Riley Klim

Meet Riley Klim. Riley is a nephrology patient at MUSC Children’s Hospital, and is not only a member of the youth patient advisory committee for the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, but has also been chosen to represent the MUSC Children’s Hospital as the 2018 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion. Riley will serve as the face of all local CMN Hospitals campaigns throughout the 2018 calendar year.  Riley recently answered a few questions about being the CMN Hospitals Champion and his health journey...Continue

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I have a son. His name is Victor Shellhammer and he loves running.

Victor Shellhamer

Victor Shellhamer on the job at his Neighborhood Walmart

Kimberlina Hutson leads fundraising campaigns for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to benefit the MUSC Children's Hospital. As personnel and support manager at a local Walmart Neighborhood Market, she started volunteering more than five years ago and gets her whole family involved. She knew the value of top-notch pediatric care but never had a personal connection to the MUSC Children's Hospital. That all changed last fall, when Kimberlina learned firsthand why every dollar matters...Continue

Posted on Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:23 PM in children's miracle network

Sickle cell patient selected to represent South Carolina as state ambassador

Zion Thomas, 2016 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals State Champion

‘I’m just going to have to keep on being myself and brightening people’s days’

Zion Thomas, only 15 years old, knows how to command a room and plans to hold public office in Washington one day. That’s why, when Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals selected him as this year’s Champion for the state of South Carolina, the role made sense...Continue

Posted on Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:39 AM in children's miracle network, patient story, zion

From patient to Champion: 6-year-old Hunter Taylor becomes statewide ambassador

Hunter Taylor looked down at his chest one day and pointed at his scar. “Where did I get this?” he asked his parents.

Nikki and Eric Taylor explained that MUSC pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Scott Bradley had used a sharp knife to cut open their child and fix his heart. Hunter’s eyes grew wide, barely believing the answer. “He cut me with a knife?”

They joke about it now but, until this past year, 6-year-old Hunter’s entire life could be charted in surgeries and hospital stays, in worry and prayer. 

Children’ Miracle Network Hospitals, a nonprofit organization that supports 170 children's hospitals, recently named Hunter its South Carolina Hospitals Champion Ambassador. Each year all Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are invited to submit nominations, and a team at the Children's Miracle Network national office selects one champion for each state. That child then helps to share the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals story and mission with media, corporations, lawmakers and celebrities on tours in Atlanta, Washington and Florida. In 2013 alone, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals programs and campaigns raised more than $900,000 for the MUSC Children's Hospital.

Hunter was selected, in part, because donations helped to provide the surgical devices that Hunter’s doctors used to correct his heart, according to Miranda Barnard, vice president of communications at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. “He will be a great champion ambassador, helping people understand the impact of making donations of any amount to their Children’s Miracle Network Hospital,” she said. “Those dollars add up to make a huge difference to local kids such as Hunter.”

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