Girls get ready to run up funds for new children's hospital

Dr. Rita Ryan (Department of Pediatrics chairwoman), sitting on left with dark hair, talks with North Myrtle Beach runners Emily Worsham, Krista Drozdowski, Kaylin Regan, Taylor Monahan and Eden Fowler. Coach Earl Main is standing, wearing a green shirt.

Ten miles the first day, 20 miles a day after that. Running. In South Carolina’s summer heat.

It’s enough to make a veteran marathoner think twice. But not six determined girls who go to North Myrtle Beach High School. They’re planning to run 120 miles over the course of six days this June to raise money to help build the new Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital at the Medical University of South Carolina.

A coach who volunteers with the cross country and track and field teams at their school will lead the way from Charleston to North Myrtle Beach, although the fundraiser is not affiliated with the school. “I want them to understand you need to help people. You need to give back to your community,” coach Earn Main said.

His young athletes are doing that in a big way. Alex Booth, Krista Drozdowski, Eden Fowler, Taylor Monahan, Kaylin Regan and Emily Worsham recently went right to the source to learn about the part of the community they’re giving back to. They visited MUSC Children’s Hospital and learned about the new hospital that will replace it.

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