Gabe Johnson

We want to share a conversation we recently had with Dana Johnson, whose son, Gabe, will be a model at our special Raise the Runway fashion show coming up next month.

1. What brought you to MUSC Children’s Hospital?

Both Gabe and his sister had short hospital stays at MUSC for brief illnesses when they were babies. Later, Gabe came to the emergency department in February of 2016 for a ruptured appendix and wound up spending five weeks in the MUSC Children’s Hospital due to a serious infection. He was 8 at the time. He had another visit to the emergency department in December of 2017, due to a severed tendon in his wrist from an accident. Our care during all these visits was excellent, and the doctors, nurses, and staff made our visits as comfortable as possible. We continue to feel fortunate to have such good medical care nearby at MUSC. 

2. Tell us about your experience traveling to Washington to advocate for children's health care.

Gabe traveled to Washington for Speak Now for Kids Advocacy Day in 2016. He joined other patients from all over country to lobby lawmakers to support initiatives and policy that increases funding for and access to quality medical care for children. Gabe met with all of the members of the South Carolina delegation and had the chance to tell his story and let them know that access to medical care is critical for all children, not just children with chronic illnesses. Like Gabe, any otherwise healthy child can need access to a children’s hospital in an instant. He asked leaders to support the laws that improve access to and funding for children’s hospitals.  

3. What are you and Gabe most excited about in the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital?

We are excited for the areas for children to play and have fun in. It’s hard for a child to be in the hospital, especially for those children who have long or frequent stays. We’re also excited for the features that will make it more comfortable for parents and caregivers to stay in the hospital with their children. These comforts will make a big difference for these families. 

4. What does your family like to do for fun?

We love to travel, play sports and go to the beach. 

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